Boulder Dam and the Boulder Dam Bridge

Boulder Dam and the Boulder Dam BridgeHelicopter View looking East over Boulder Dam, Black Canyon, Colorado River, Lake Mead, Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge

Black Canyon, Colorado River, Lake Mead

The Boulder Dam Tour is one of my favorite tours – it is a ‘half-day’ tour from Las Vegas.

Boulder Dam is a treasured National Historic Landmark for many reasons.

Get the very best views from both sides of the Colorado River – from the Arizona side and the Nevada side.

Boulder Dam, Lake Mead, Power PlantsView of Boulder Dam from walkway on Hoover Dam Bridge

View of Boulder Dam from walkway on Hoover Dam Bridge

Plus, you’ll get a chance to see Boulder Dam from the walkway on the new Dam Bridge.

The guides at the Boulder Dam tour work for the National Park Service, and they really enjoy what they do; they will answer questions for you throughout the tour.

Before you enter the theater, you’ll be able to see huge black-and-white pictures of the Boulder Dam construction process.

There is a section of concrete on display, a sample of the cement that was poured to make the dam. It was sliced and polished to demonstrate what the dam looks like from the inside – very impressive.

When you enter the theater you’ll enjoy an amazing film about the history and construction of Boulder Dam. Then, you’ll climb aboard an elevator that takes you deep into the dam, down to the Boulder Dam Power Plant to see the eight generators on the Nevada side.

1930’s Hard-Rock Tunnel Leading to Boulder Dam Power Plant, on the Nevada Sidetunnel, walkway through solid rock leading to boulder dam power plant, boulder dam tour from las vegas

Smooth floor, wheelchair-accessible

The elevator doors open into a cave – actually, a tunnel carved out of the rock of Black Canyon.

The tunnel takes you to the Power Plant on the Nevada side, where there are 8 generators that help supply the Great American West with electricity.

Colorado River from Boulder DamHoover Dam Visitor Center, Hoover Dam Bridge, Colorado River, viewed from walkway on Boulder Dam

Boulder Dam Bridge, Dam Visitor Center

When the Boulder Dam Power Plant portion of the tour is complete, you’ll get back on the elevator and go up to the exhibit gallery, where you’ll find excellent displays of the people and places affected by Boulder Dam.

A flight of stairs or an elevator will take you up to the observation deck for some stunning views and photo opportunities of Boulder Dam and the Dam Bridge.

Boulder Dam, Lake MeadBoulder Dam, Intake Towers, Lake Mead, viewed from Boulder dam Arizona side

Arizona-Side Intake Towers

Once you leave the exhibit area, you can walk across the top of Boulder Dam. You can view Lake Mead from one side, and you will see the Colorado River, the Hoover Dam Bridge, and much more from the other side.

You’ll have time to spend at the Dam Gift Store, and the High Scaler Cafe has food, ice cream, and lovely beverages available.

When it is time to meet your guide and leave the Boulder Dam Visitor Center, you’ll drive up to the parking area at the Dam Bridge.

The view of Boulder Dam from the walkway on the Dam Bridge is amazing; it offers you the highest accessible overlook of the dam and Black Canyon.

You’ll be 900 feet above the surface of the Colorado River with views of Boulder Dam and Lake Mead that are simply stunning.

Then, you’ll board your custom touring van or luxury mini-coach for a comfortable ride back to Las Vegas.

When you are finished with the Boulder Dam Tour – Dam Bridge Tour, you will understand why it is one of my favorites!

Hoover Dam & Hoover Dam Bridge Tours

Not The Biggest, Just The Best

Over the years, our guests helped us design custom touring vehicles that are comfortable for long distances, and help us maintain an intimate ‘small group experience.’

This winning combination has made this one of the most popular and successful tour companies in the Southwest.

First-Class Transportation: ‘Guest-Designed Interiors’.

Luxurious Mini-Coaches

Luxury Mini-Coachestour van

Small, Friendly Tours –
up to 13 Passengers

Comfortable, Air-ConditionedComfortable Seating for Boulder Dam Tours From Las Vegas

Comfortable Captains Chairs
Big Windows

  • Reclining captain seats
  • Large tinted windows for excellent viewing
  • High-capacity air conditioning for passenger comfort
  • Foam insulated walls for a quiet ride and excellent climate control

Custom Touring Vans

Custom-Built Touring VansCustom Touring Vans

Re-Designed 15-Passenger Tour Vans

‘Every Seat is a Window Seat’Comfortable Seating for Boulder Dam Tours From Las Vegas


With all that extra ‘elbow-room’, guests are comfortable, even on long distance tours.

Hoover Dam & Hoover Dam Bridge Tours

Included in Boulder Dam Tours:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off at most Las Vegas hotels
  • Comfortable, Spacious, Air-Conditioned Transportation
  • Boulder Dam Power Plant Tour Entrance Fees
  • Bottled water
  • Guided Narrative from Las Vegas, through Boulder City to Boulder Dam
  • Plenty of time for photos, visit the gift shop, to walk on Boulder Dam and the Boulder Dam Bridge


  • Gratuity: “If you had a good ride, tip your guide!”
  • Food and snacks: Available at High Scaler Cafe at Visitor Center

Additional Information:

  • Weather at Boulder Dam is similar to Las Vegas.
  • It is commonly 10 degrees warmer at Boulder Dam than in Las Vegas.
  • Wind blows through Black Canyon up the face of the dam every day.
  • It is cooler while underground inside the dam.
  • We recommend you layer your clothing for optimum comfort.
  • Bring your camera!

Doc Wymer, Las Vegas Tour Guide

Boulder Dam & Hoover Dam Bridge Tours

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