Rules of Engagement

Questions and Comments? Bring ’em on!

“Ask Doc Wymer, Guide to Best Las Vegas Tours.”

Gonzo-Style Blog: The following rules apply:

  • This is my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want.
  • I am a Las Vegas tour guide, so I write about Las Vegas tours. Duh.
  • I eat, sleep, work, and play in Las Vegas, so like I said, I write about whatever I want – more than just great Las Vegas tours, I write about great food, restaurants, shows, things to do in and out of Las Vegas. Like I said – whatever I want, so look around the site and find something you like.
  • I am a busy guy, and I respond to your comments and answer your questions when I can get around to it, which right now is about once a week or so.
  • At my sole discretion, I may edit your questions or comments.
  • Profanity will be removed and you’ll be punished.
  • No whiners allowed. Whatever is bothering you, get over it.
  • If I don’t like your question or comment, I will print your comments on a big sheet of paper, and then I will have my bodyguards Jimmy the Fish and Frankie Bags run it over with my car.
  • Spammers, Beware: I know who you are, and I know where you live. You don’t want to meet Jimmy the Fish or Frankie Bags.

“Gonzo-Style Blog” – Loosely Defined:

“Gonzo-style journalism” – Written without claims of objectivity, often including the reporter as part of the story via a first-person narrative.

Gonzo journalism tends to favor ‘style’ over ‘fact’. Gonzo writers often use personal experiences to provide a context for the topic or event being covered.

Gonzo disregards the ‘polished’, edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for a more gritty approach; ‘Gonzo Journalism’ attempts to place the viewer or reader directly into the scene.

That means you, and it is my job to try to make Las Vegas real for you.

“Gonzo Blog” – Payola Disclaimer:

Although it has never happened (yet), I have developed the following policies just in case (because there is always hope…) I may be offered ‘something special’ in exchange for writing about a Las Vegas establishment. For example, in the case of a restaurant or bar, payment may be offered in the form of

  • cash (seldom offered, always accepted)
  • something tasty from the kitchen (sometimes offered, always accepted)
  • a lovely beverage from the bartender (required).

I am quite certain that payments in this form will have a very positive influence upon what I write.

What You Should Know About Me:

  • I live in Las Vegas with my lovely wife Lisa.
  • I LOVE Las Vegas.
  • I am a real Las Vegas Tour Guide.
  • I have done hundreds of Grand Canyon Tours, and I believe every way to see the Grand Canyon is the best way. *
  • I never get tired of doing these tours.
  • As stated above, this is my blog and I’ll write about whatever I want.
  • Also as stated above, I make no claims regarding objectivity.

What This Means To You:

  • I am open to shameless bribes. This Is Normal. After all, this is Las Vegas.
  • Payola can influence what little objectivity I have.
  • In fact, this behavior has been demonstrated as acceptable by certain high-level government officials in the FDA, USDA, etc.
  • As I said, This Is Normal. After all, this is The American Way.
  • I can be bought… so make me an offer and let’s negotiate the terms.

* On second thought, maybe a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is the best way. Although, a Colorado River raft trip may be the best way to see the Grand Canyon.

Or maybe the Grand Canyon West Skywalk Glass Bridge may be the best way.

What I know for sure is this: Everybody should see the Grand Canyon at least once. A tour of the Grand Canyons should be on your own personal bucket list. Especially a helicopter tour.

“Ask Doc Wymer, Gonzo Guide to Best Las Vegas Tours.”

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