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Las Vegas – Party TimeFireworks Over the Las Vegas Strip

Fireworks Over the Las Vegas Strip

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I live in Las Vegas with my lovely wife Lisa. I love Lisa, who is everything in my life. We both love Las Vegas. NO, I am not a real doctor. YES, I am a real Las Vegas Tour Guide. And because I am a Las Vegas tour guide, I write about tours from Las Vegas… duh. This is my Las Vegas blog and I write about whatever I want, including:

– “Things To Do” in Las Vegas
– “Things To Do” out of Las Vegas
– Las Vegas Hotels
– Las Vegas Restaurants
– Las Vegas Tours
– Las Vegas Strip
– Downtown Las Vegas

View from Helicopter Tour over Hoover Dam, Hoover Dam Bridge, Lake Mead, Colorado Riverview from helicopter tour of hoover dam and the hoover dam bridge

Hoover Dam Tour and the Hoover Dam Bridge

Like I said… whatever I want.

Yes, I have done hundreds of Grand Canyon Tours, and I believe every way to see the Grand Canyon is the best way.

No, I never get tired of seeing Hoover Dam or Death Valley or the Grand Canyon one more time.

Basic Rules Of This Site:

  • In accordance with accepted definitions of ‘Gonzo Journalism’, I make no claims regarding objectivity. So, you should…
  • Keep an open mind, and…
  • Try to keep up
  • I am a busy guy, and I respond to your comments and answer your questions when I can get around to it, which right now is about once a week or so.
  • At my sole discretion, I may edit your questions or comments.
  • Profanity will be removed and you’ll be punished.
  • No, I won’t lend you twenty dollars.
  • In fact, you should read the financial disclaimer below.

So, play by my rules, which you can find by clicking on this link:

Marty McUbers’s Official Website Rules

As stated elsewhere, this is my blog – I write about whatever I want.

Important Financial Disclaimer:

Please click on the ads and book your Grand Canyon tours, Hoover Dam tours, and helicopter tours from this site for FOUR Good Reasons:

  1. Who Knows? It just might be my pleasure to be your guide and driver for your Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam tour when you come to Las Vegas.
  2. I make a small commission when you book your tour from my links, and that makes my lovely wife, Lisa, very happy.
  3. When my lovely wife Lisa is Happy, your Gonzo Guide is Happy!
  4. Also, these small commissions allow your Gonzo Guide to buy a lovely beverage for himself now and then, at which time I make a toast to your happiness, good health, and long life. Everybody wins!

So click away, enjoy the site, and book your tours here.

We thank you for your support.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour – Night Flights Over the Las Vegas Stripmaverick helicopter tours, las vegas helicopters, las vegas helicopter rides

Maverick Helicopter Tours of Las Vegas Strip

I write about Best Las Vegas Tours and Day Tours from Las Vegas, of course.

  • Popular Las Vegas day tours, like the Hoover Dam Tours and the Hoover Dam Bridge. And Grand Canyon Tours, especially Grand Canyons West Rim and Grand Canyon South Rim. Grand Skywalk Tours, and Zion Park tours and Bryce Canyon tours.
  • If you ever get a chance you simply must take one of the fabulous Las Vegas helicopter tours:
  • Las Vegas Helicopter tours to Hoover Dam
  • Helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Rim
  • Helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West Skywalk
  • Skywalk Helicopter Tours.
  • Helicopter Tours of Las Vegas Strip

Like I said, I love Las Vegas, its my website, and I write about whatever I want.

So bookmark this site right now so it doesn’t get lost, and enjoy!

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