Skywalk at Grand Canyon West opened
March 20, 2007, over 4 years ago.

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Progress Continues at Grand Canyon West

Much has changed since then; the experience at Grand Canyon West is better now than ever before.

Still raw, rugged, and unfinished, Grand Canyon West is a place where you can feel like you are participating in the Grand Canyon, rather than just observing it.

One of my own favorite views of the Grand Canyon is at the West Rim – the view from Guano Point. There is a short, easy walk to a small knoll behind the restaurant.

Looking South from Guano Pointskywalk, grand canyon west, guano point

View of restaurant from top of pyramid rocks

There is also a more ambitious scramble up the pyramid rock for the 360-degree view above the old tramway structure – either location will deliver great viewpoints of the Grand Canyon.

Just 2.5 hours from Las Vegas, Grand Canyon West is a memorable day trip, and the Skywalk tour is without question one of my favorites.

There is a 9.2 mile stretch of unpaved, gravel road in the Grand Wash traveling up Diamond Bar Road, as the road passes through a corner of the historic Grand Canyon Ranch.

Once you get to the Hualapai tribal lands, the road is paved and smooth again. If you drive up in a rental car, make sure the car insurance covers use on un-paved roads.

To avoid any trouble with your car on the rocky road, call us and we’ll get you there and back again in air conditioned comfort!

Doc Wymer, Las Vegas Tour Guide

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