Boulder Dam Tour or Hoover Dam Tour

Boulder Dam and Lake Mead; Hoover Dam Bridge over Colorado River in Black Canyonboulder dam, boulder dam tour, hoover dam, hoover dam tour

Boulder Dam and the Hoover Dam Bridge

The Outrageous and Wrongful Dam Name Change from ‘Boulder Dam‘ to ‘Hoover Dam

The Un-Official Short Dam Story: The Naming of Hoover Dam, as Told by your Las Vegas Tour Gonzo Dam Guide:

“People who live in Boulder City, especially ‘the 31-ers’… plus a few of the ‘old-timers’ of Las Vegas – people who know about these things – still call it Boulder Dam, the Real Dam Name.”

“The dam name problem started when Secretary Wilbur spoke at the dam ceremony starting the building of the new dam railway between Las Vegas and the Boulder dam site on September 17, 1930; he called the dam “Hoover Dam”.

“It seems a dam assistant to this official dam mucky-muck previewed the dam speech to be read, and he took it upon his own dam self to scratch out the dam words ‘Boulder’ (Dam) and penciled in ‘Hoover’ (Dam).”

Boulder Dam and Hoover Dam:
Dam Politics of a Dam Name Changeboulder dam, dam bridge, hoover dam, hoover dam bridge, secretary ickes

Secretary Ickes Tried To Keep the name Boulder Dam

“This clearly illegal dam behavior by some dam guy getting a dam paycheck should have resulted in some (fill in the blank) jail time, and lots of it.”

“In fact,” says your Gonzo dam Guide, who has a strong opinion about this whole dam matter, “I think the dam speech changer should have been lodged at another famous national treasure – Alcatraz Island, which was open at the time.”

“That dam speech-changing criminal should still be in Boulder Dam jail bustin’ dam rocks, eating cold oatmeal, and scratching Boulder Dam into the wall of his dam cell 10 million times.”

“One guy, a politician named Secretary Ickes, tried to stop this dam foolishness, but he wasn’t successful.”

“It just ain’t right. Folks who live here, folks whose grandfather worked on the dam, the ’31-ers’… folks who know… they still call it Boulder Dam, by its true and proper dam name.”

How To Save Money on YOUR
Boulder Dam / Hoover Dam Tour!

Boulder Dam Hoover Dam Facts:

  • There is only one dam.
  • The one dam has two names.
  • Boulder Dam is the same dam as Hoover dam.
  • If you have seen ONE dam tour, you have seen BOTH dam tours.
  • However, there is only ONE dam bridgeHoover Dam Bridge.
  • Don’t buy a ticket for a Boulder Dam Tour on Monday, and another ticket for a Hoover Dam Tour for Tuesday.
  • Trust me on this: If you buy a ticket for each dam tour, you will end up at the same dam place on both days.
  • Worse Case: You may get the same dam tour guide for both dam tours – me. Poor dam luck.

There. I know you feel much better now – I certainly do.

– Your Gonzo Guide Knows

The Long Version of ‘How Boulder Dam – Hoover Dam was Named.’

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