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Mojave Desert Travel Tips For Tours From Las Vegas

Water and Hydration

Simply being in the desert will dry you out, any time of year. Period.

That includes your skin, mouth, hair, nose, and eyes.

Summertime just makes it all happen more quickly.

Drink more water than you typically do in a normal day.

You can tell how hydrated you are by how clear your urine output is. If it’s yellow, drink more water.

And here’s something interesting… our troops in the desert are told… “if you don’t feel like you need to pee, you haven’t had enough water.”

So don’t worry about drinking too much water… there are plenty of loo’s and restrooms on The Strip for your comfort, and if you need to pee in the desert, the plants will appreciate your contribution.

Tours From Las Vegas:
Mojave Desert Travel Tips

  • Plan to drink at least four liters of water each day while in Las Vegas or traveling in the desert
  • Carry extra water with you even if you are just walking down The Strip.
  • Drink water even when you do not feel thirsty.
  • This is especially true if you happen to enjoy a few lovely beverages from the bars while you are in Las Vegas – alcohol takes water out of you.
  • When hiking, carry a couple of bottles of water with you for short hikes, a gallon or more for longer hikes, plus a little extra in case of an emergency.
  • Store extra water in your car.
  • Carry water with you even if you are only planning to explore a short distance from your car.

A final note: If you are hiking down one of the trails at the Grand Canyon South Rim, Park Rangers will stop you and ask you to show them how much water you are carrying; if it is not enough, they will turn you around and send you back up the trail.

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