Diamond Bar Road and Grand Canyons West:
The Road to Skywalk, Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, the general conditions of Diamond Bar Road kept most people away from Grand Canyon West, and because of this, only a small group of people ever got to see the Grand Canyons from Quartermaster.

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Quartermaster Point, Grand Canyon West; before Skywalk was built.

With the Skywalk open, access is now closed to the trails and views at Quartermaster Point.

The excitement of the Skywalk project generated interest and income for the Hualapai.

Even before Skywalk was open, it was an amazing project that people could come and see, and watch as it was being built.

With the building of Skywalk, more and more people accepted the challenge of Diamond Bar Road, and the additional income from Skywalk allowed the Hualapai to pave much of it.

I used to see people drive up Diamond Bar Road from Las Vegas in their rental cars; many would get 2 or 3 miles down Diamond Bar and turn back.

The rented convertibles would be covered with the finely-sifted desert dust.

Whether they actually made it all the way to Grand Canyon West or not, they would be charged an extra cleaning fee when they returned the car at the airport – the agents knew exactly where they had been at a glance.

Tire Failure on Diamond Bar Road
Return Trip on Las Vegas Skywalk Tourbad tire, gravel road, skywalk tour, diamond bar road, grand canyon west

Big Bus, Rocky Road, Shredded Tire.

Things have changed on Diamond Bar Road

As of this writing, only 9 miles of Diamond Bar Road remains unpaved.

The remaining gravel road has been improved and is smoothed regularly with road grading equipment.

Yes, you can still get a flat tire on the gravel.

Don’t let Diamond Bar Road keep you away from the Skywalk – 20 miles of bad road is an old story now.

The Skywalk at Grand Canyons West is one of those adventures that you should put on your ‘bucket-list’.

Diamond Bar Road: The Road to Skywalk and Grand Canyons West – Part 1

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