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This is one of my favorite Grand Canyon Skywalk Videos.

I was driving guests on tours from Las Vegas to the Hualapai Nation’s Grand Canyon West years before the dream of Skywalk came true.

In the early days at Grand Canyon West, I was able to walk along the narrow trails at Quartermaster Point with my guests, right on the very edge of the Grand Canyon.

Quartermaster Point is now closed to everyone.

Those great views at Grand Canyon West are no longer available to us, but the Hualapai are now sharing some of the best viewpoints ever.

That spectacular experience, the terrific trails and great views from Quartermaster Point, have been replaced with two extraordinary and superior viewpoints – Guano Point, and the Grand Skywalk at Eagle Point.

Under Construction:
The Skywalk at Eagle Point
The Grand Canyon’s West Rim
Grand Skywalk Grand Canyon West, eagle point, guano point, quartermaster point

Grand Skywalk Grand Canyon West Rim

“I was there for the transition of Grand Canyon West Rim tours, from Quartermaster to Eagle Point.”

“I got to watch them build the Skywalk from the dusty beginning to it’s current state.”

“In my opinion, the Hualapai have created a truly wonderful new opportunity for you to see the Grand Canyons at the West Rim, by creating Skywalk and opening Guano Point to visitors.”

Doc Wymer – Las Vegas Tour Guide

Grand Canyon Skywalk is a ‘Must-See, Must-Do’ Adventure, One of the Best Day Tours from Las Vegas.

Video Credits: I found this Grand Canyons West Skywalk Helicopter tour video at the Arizona Leisure Vacation Guide

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