Zion Park Shuttle Bus

Zion Park Shuttle Bus System

Shuttle System Works Well for Zion National Park Tours

It has been over 10 years now that Zion National Park in Utah introduced their mandatory shuttle bus transportation system for visitors to Zion Canyon.

Traffic Jam in Zion National Park –
Before Shuttle Bus System
Zions Park Shuttle, Zion Park Bus System, Traffic congestion Zion National Park;

On busy holidays up to 3,000 cars/day tried to navigate Zion Park

The shuttle system was an experimental system designed to reduce the automobile traffic in Zion Park.

The traffic congestion was so bad that it was impossible to access some of Zions Park’s most scenic portions.

Five national parks were chosen for experimental traffic systems and Zion Natural Park, one of America’s most prized national parks, was lucky to be one of them.

Mandatory Shuttle System
Solves Traffic Problem
Zions Park Shuttle, Zion Park Bus System, Zion National Park Shuttle Buses;

Easy ‘Hop-On, Hop-Off’ Shuttle Buses
at Zion National Park

Zion National Park Tour Traffic Jams Are Now History.

The mandatory shuttles were started in May of 2000, and they are still in operation today.

‘Zion’ is a Hebrew word meaning a ‘place of safety or refuge’.

Zion was the name given to the valley and the canyon by Mormon pioneers in the 1860s.

But in the 90’s, the park was no longer a refuge but an unmanageable parking lot.

On a busy holiday weekend, there used to be as many as 3,000 vehicles a day trying to negotiate two-lane road down the narrow six-mile canyon.

Plus, all those cars were competing for only 450 parking spaces.

In 2009, a record number of visitors – over 2.7 million people came to see Zion Park.

Zion Lodge, Zion National ParkHistoric Zion Lodge, Zion National Park;

Historic Zion Lodge –
Located in meadow near Virgin River

Zions Park shuttle system for visitors is mandatory

Except for guests and employees of Historic Zion Lodge, all visitors to Zion Canyon must either walk, ride bicycles or take the shuttles.

Visitors park their cars in the nearby town of Springdale or at the visitor center at the park’s south entrance, and ride the free shuttles into the canyon.

The propane-powered shuttles operate continuously during the peak visitor season from April to October; other less-congested areas of Zions Park remain open to traffic.

The shuttle system at Zion National Park works. One Zion Park Ranger who remembers the chaos and congestion remarked, ‘It’s great to have Zion Canyon back again – you can actually hear the wind in the trees, the water in the river, and the birds singing.’

Zion National Park Tour in
Luxury Mini Bus
Zion Park Tour from Las Vegas, Luxury Mini Bus at Zion National Park

Day Trips
to Zion National Park from Las Vegas

Best Day Tours from Las Vegas to Zion Park –

Day tours are wonderful ways to allow guests to see some of the very most scenic areas of Zion Canyon in just a few hours.

And just like the other national parks, there is so much more that cannot be seen on a day trip. So consider this:

Multi Day Tours, Private / Custom Designed Tours

If you are interested in enjoying more time in the area, or would like to include visits to Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon North Rim, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, etc., visit Multi Day Tours and ask them about helping you create your own exclusive, private, multi day tour of the Great American West.